Northern Ohio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association

NORVA connects Northeast Ohio RPCV's with each other and our community.

It's been exciting planning the 2013 Annual Meeting, we really hope you can attend.  In addition to our regular business, we'll be electing some new leaders for NORVA.  If you are interesting in taking a leadership role, or would like to nominate someone, please contact any current member of the NORVA board.

We'll also have numerous available slots on our committees.  We'll need a lot of help with this year's Soups of the World fundraiser, so please consider contributing your talent.  There has never been a better time to get involved in NORVA.

Positions in the Bylaws:

  • President: To exercise general supervision over Organization affairs; shall be ex officio member of all committees, except nominating; and perform other duties inherent in such office.

  • Available: Vice-President/President Elect: To assume the duties of the president in his/her absence, lend assistance to all committee chairpersons and perform other duties at the direction of the President.  To assume office at the next annual meeting.

  • Available: Recording Secretary: To keep minutes of the meeting, maintain a record of proceedings, and all other necessary documents pertaining to the Organization.

  • Treasurer: To collect, deposit, disburse, and account for all Organization monies, to keep financial records, file tax reports, prepare books for audit and aid in the preparation of a budget.

New Positions being considered:

  • Available:  Service Coordinator: To coordinate NORVA volunteer events and resources.  The Service Coordinator will take the lead in organizing NORVA service initiatives which include the Service Saturdays ESL tutoring program with Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services.  The Service coordinator will also periodically update the NORVA website with volunteer resources that might be of interest to NORVA members.   

  • Available: Membership Coordinator: To manage NORVA membership and encourage the payment of membership dues.  The Membership coordinator will liaison with NPCA and the NORVA board to ensure that the NORVA membership list is up to date.  The Membership coordinator will also send notices to remind members to renew their membership.  

  • Available: New RPCV Coordinator: To welcome new RPCVs to the NORVA community.  The New RPCV coordinator will reach out to new RPCVs in Northeast Ohio to introduce them to NORVA and encourage them to get involved.  Responsibilities include contacting new RPCVs on the membership list and sending them personal invitations to join NORVA.  The new RPCV Coordinator may also coordinate special events designed specifically for new members.


  • Available: Development Director: To spearhead NORVA fundraising initiatives and special events.  The Development Director will take the lead in organizing the Soups of the World event by recruiting and overseeing a committee to manage all aspects of the event including marketing, food, and entertainment. In years when Soups is not taking place, the Development Director will work on other fundraising initiatives which may include membership drives or smaller-scale special events.  

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