NORVA supports the Girls of Madagascar

NORVA members voted at the annual meeting to use $1,000.00 of our funds budgeted for overseas projects to fund a GLOW Camp in Madagascar.

The project was nominated for funding by Madagascar RPCV and NORVA member Paul Cook. 

From the PCPP grant description:

"This PCPP grant will provide funding for a Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) camp to be held in Madagascar. The girls participating in the camp will be Middle School and High School students from five different communities in regions in the extreme south of the country. The main goal of this camp will be to increase women's empowerment and educational opportunities among young females of the afore-mentioned regions of Madagascar. It will also include training about HIV/AIDS and other STIs, safe sexual practices, volunteerism, financial management, and career opportunities, including a career panel with many successful Malagasy women. In these extremely underdeveloped regions, a poorly-functioning educational system combined with a cultural taboo related to sex prevents girls from receiving a quality sexual education. Girls generally have an inferior position in society, and oftentimes drop out of school in their early- to mid-teens because of pregnancy or marriage. This week-long camp aims to provide these girls with more accurate information about sex and health and empower them with the life skills and motivation necessary to become active leaders in their communities."

For more information and/or to donate personally:

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