Fellow globe-trotter do-gooder needs some help!

Hi everyone,

I mentor a college student at Kent State, Danielle. She's been accepted to a prestigious study abroad program this summer in St. Petersburg, through the American Councils for International Education. It's a language immersion, and she's also planning to volunteer with a group there that is working to end human trafficking.

Danielle is a really passionate person and I know she's going to find a way to get to Petersburg this summer, but she needs a little help. As you may expect, the program is quite pricey. She's received scholarship support already, and is continuing to seek more, but there are still thousands left on her bill. Her GoFundMe campaign is here: https://www.gofundme.com/DNMJ-StPetersburg-Russia&rcid=ff0a8300...

I'm putting this out here in hopes some of you would be interested/able to assist - and it's also really helpful if you can just spread the word about the campaign!

Thanks for considering!

Madeline Rife

RPCV Ukraine, 2010-2012

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