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NORVA Ethnic Dinner - Taste of India Review

Indian fare may not be that exotic to many RPCVs who are used to sampling foods of unknown origin. The bigger surprise was the turnout: 11 people showed up for the dinner in Cuyahoga Falls illustrating that there are indeed RPCVs outside of Cleveland eager for connection. In fact, the group informally agreed upon a future dinner at a local Nepali restaurant (details to come soon and worth the trek from what I hear). 

The food was definitely tasty, albeit maybe a tad hot for some of the guests (spice levels range from 1 to 5 and one guest requested a -1 to ensure a low level of hotness!). A couple adventurous diners ordered spice level 4. The waiter was kind enough to bring an order of kheer (Indian rice pudding) to stave off the heat. Plenty of rice and naan helped sop up the tasty curries that were ordered. Our attentive waiter made delicious lassi drinks as well. Here's a recipe to make your own. I enjoyed meeting new RPCVs and chatting with old friends.

If you find yourself in Cuyahoga Falls and are looking for a casual dining experience with reasonable prices, check out Taste of India (aka Raj Mahal). 

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