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NORVA Ethnic Dinner - Empress Taytu Review

Thirteen RPCV and friends of NORVA convened at Empress Taytu on May 19th for NORVA’s monthly ethnic dinner. Empress Taytu is an Ethiopian restaurant located on Cleveland’s east side. Upon entering the restaurant, my eyes were struck by the consuming décor—photos of Ethiopia, Ethiopian artwork, partial thatch roofs, etc. Taytu is an oasis of Ethiopian culture.

Try the homemade spicy cottage cheese, “Ayib,” as part of part of the Ambasha appetizer. It is a unique dish. For entrees, the combination dishes of vegetable and meat, and double meat were favorites. Both included Dorowat (spicy chicken in sauce) and Segawat (spiced beef cubes) among many other traditionally cooked beans and vegetables.

The dishes are served communal style on top of traditional, skillet baked bread. The sponge-like, thin bread is used scoop up the meats, vegetable and sauces. Having served in Senegal, I was excited to eat with my hands (silverware is available upon request). Everyone agreed that the one word we would use to describe Empress Taytu is Authentic

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