Host an International Visitor - 4th Annual Fulbright Scholar Weekend


This is a great way to meet people from around the world! I hosted two Fulbright students in the past and this is an amazing program. Don't miss out on this fun chance to give back. 

Cleveland Council on World Affairs

4th Annual Fulbright Scholar Weekend

Friday evening August 7—Sunday noon August 9

CCWA is welcoming 33 Fulbright Scholars (ages 25-35) from countries all over the world (including Russia, Nepal, Turkey, Brazil and many more) to Cleveland from Friday August 7 at 5:30 pm to Sunday August 9 at noon. These Scholars will be spending the weekend in Cleveland before heading off to graduate schools across the U.S.

Enjoy an international exchange weekend with a Fulbright Scholar!

Host homes needed!


 Meet your Scholar at 5:30pm on Friday at Brookside Reservation

 Hosts and scholars are invited to enjoy a welcoming cookout at Brookside Reservation on

Friday, August 7, 5:30—7pm (optional). Co–sponsored by Global Cleveland

 Enjoy Saturday with your visitor and show off the best of Cleveland

 Return your visitor to the bus at Brookside Reservation around noon on Sunday

Help us connect our community to the world!

To Host: Ryan Ouellette, Senior Program Officer, email:, cell: (603) 303-9308

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