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NORVA connects Northeast Ohio RPCV's with each other and our community.

NORVA Celebrates Nominees and Hosts Annual Meeting

NORVA welcomed the newest members of the Peace Corps family, at their Nomination Party last Tuesday evening.  Invitees, Nominees, Returned Volunteers and families mingled at Bottlehouse Brewery celebrating the new nominations.  Those getting ready to leave gained valuable advice from the RPCVs in attendance, and RPCVs were able to share their stories, and insights about service.   

Immediately following the party, NORVA members gathered to celebrate achievements in 2013 and get planning for 2014 at their Annual Meeting.  Highlights of 2013 included a successful Soups of the World Fundraiser, and the continued volunteerism of NORVA members stateside, clocking over 200 hours of service in NORVA volunteer activities.  NORVA also made changes to their board at the meeting.  Meet the newest board by clicking here. Bob Radl, was recognized for his years of involvement with NORVA and was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award.  

To see all NORVA was up to this year, download a copy of the 2013%20Annual%20Report.pdf

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