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NORVA connects Northeast Ohio RPCV's with each other and our community.

I'm sharing this info from a contact whom I've met through my work. Her name is Su He and she can be reached via email at Her message is below:

"I have a part-time English teaching position looking for candidates. I would need probably 10-15 teachers, English native speakers. It is an online classroom setting teaching Chinese kids (K-12) English, with established software and materials. The class hours are 0.5 hour long/per class, can be arranged from 6-10AM, 3 times a week. $20-28/per hours plus bonus depends on teaching skills and feedback from students.

The company is called 31abc, here is the link where they have a general introduction of their platform ( I am in charge of their U.S. recruitment and directly work with Director of Teacher Management."

If you taught ESL in Peace Corps, this could be a nice side gig. 

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