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I was an agriculture PCV in Guinea from 2012-2014 and until recently lived in Cleveland. I'm currently a graduate student at the University of Montana working on my masters in International Conservation and Development.  For my graduate research, I will collaborate with Save the Elephants in Kenya. I am planning to conduct research on elephant foraging selectivity while crop-raiding and the ability of crops that are non-palatable to elephants (but beneficial to farmers) to deter crop-raiding elephants. Overall, I hope this research will lead to management recommendations that can reduce the frequency/severity of elephant crop-raiding and improve human-elephant co-existence. 
Unfortunately, as a non-profit organization Save the Elephants is unable to cover many of my research costs. So, I am in the process of applying for research funding. Do you know of any grants/scholarships/etc. available for RPCVs? I would appreciate any leads you can offer.

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