Northern Ohio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association

NORVA connects Northeast Ohio RPCV's with each other and our community.

Norva Business Meeting Agenda, Saturday, February 16, 2013

Attendance: Angela Lowery, Billy Lowery, Bob Radl, Amy Moniot, Tom Schreiber, Jonathan, Kate

I. Membership update

  • 2 new members, 1 paid, 1 new RPCV

  • It will be the job of the new RPCV coordinator to reach out and welcome new members.

  • We agreed to propose a membership fee increase to $25 at the Annual Meeting to cover the fact that we are professionalizing the technology of our organization and we are trying to organize more NORVA service events and trying to fund more local projects through PAGE grants

  • We will do another membership drive after the Annual meeting

II. Technology update

  • Tom is trying to get all the lists in one place

  • Constant Contact is $12 per month if we apply as a nonprofit

  • Billy suggested mail chimp, which is free for up to 500 people, and Tom said he will consider it.

  • Currently we send the newsletter to approximately 200 people

III. Leadership Positions

  • At the Annual meeting we will elect the following positions:  New RPCV coordinator, Service Coordinator, Development Director, Co-President, Secretary

  • Angela will create position descriptions for these roles

IV. Annual Meeting

  • NORVA leadership will give updates (technology, service, financial, membership)

  • Elect new leadership positions

  • Amy will create a ballot with PCPP projects that people can vote on, Angela will prepare PCPP descriptions before the meeting

  • We will pass out ethnic dinner list and Soups of the World committee list.  Amy will create sign in sheets for ethnic dinners and soups committee

V. Soups of the World

  • Development Director will chair the Soups of the World committee in 2013

  • Will recruit a committee which will include the following positions: marketing, soups, entertainment, auction, bowls, venue, tabletents

VI.  Finances and Budget

  • Bob gave us a financial report.  We are being charged $5 per month by Charter One--Bob will look at other options.

  • In 2012-2013, we had budgeted $2000 for PCPPs, $2000 in Page Grants. We spent $100 in March 2012, $250 for the Benin library project, $100 for the Phillipines, and $504 for the Ukraine for $990 total on PCPPS.  We will vote to fund more PCPPs at our next meeting and will include the natural disaster project on the ballot.  

  • We will advertise PAGE grants at our annual meeting

  • After the annual meeting, the new leadership board will have a budget meeting to determine the 2013-2014 budget.

VII.  Service Activities

  • January event went well--approximately 10 volunteers

  • Proposed a break between the first and second hour, with a rotation of volunteers.

  • Suggest that people can bring pictures or other personal items to share and begin conversations

  • We talked about possibly moving the March date, but that will be up to Miranda

  • Angela will email Miranda about NCPA publication

  • Tom will email directions and make sign for next event

  • Namaste is a community event--we decided that we would advertise it as a community event.  If Miranda wants to go and make it a NORVA event, that would be fine.

  • Volunteer opportunities posted on website should be 3rd goal or internationally based, or there should be some connection to a RPCV

VIII. Cleveland Film Festival

  • We will choose a film and promote it at our Annual Meeting

IX.  Peace Corps Week

  • Service event and ethnic lunch are our events

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