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Assistance with Kate Puzey Act: Preventing and addressing sex assault in Peace Corps

Hi everyone! I am new to this group and looking forward to hopefully meeting you all this year!

I want to bring to your attention something that could benefit from your help and activism.

Kellie Greene, former director of Peace Corps Office of Victim Advocacy, is working to strengthen the Kate Puzey Act to be more effective in preventing and addressing sexual assault in Peace Corps. The law is meant to protect Peace Corps whistleblowers and is named after the PCV who was murdered in Benin after reporting to Peace Corps that a Peace Corps employee was sexually assaulting people.

Ms. Green's goal is to encourage legislative changes to enhance Peace Corps policy and practices related to Volunteer safety and well-being. She is looking for your accounts of specific types of incidents to highlight such as sexual harassment, sexual assault by a host family member or counterpart, and denied or limited access to counseling.

Ms. Greene is encouraging RPCVs and PCVs who are currently serving to contact her to share their stories.

Her email address is and she is quick to reply.

Official documentation is here, second row from the bottom.

I have attached the US Office of Special Counsel press release to this post.

I served in Azerbaijan, but I know about Ms. Green's work via my PC Albania friend whom I met when we were both working at the American University in Bulgaria. The program in Albania was plagued by multiple sexual assaults that went unaddressed and/or were grossly mishandled. I too was assaulted during my service.

Sadly, probably this issue is not very much of a rarity and not so shocking, and I for one will probably continue to remain nonplussed yet very frustrated and energized to create positive change.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please contact Kellie and spread the word. Thank you and keep warm!

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