Northern Ohio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association

NORVA connects Northeast Ohio RPCV's with each other and our community.

NORVA Board Meeting


Date: Sunday February 7th, 2013


Tom Schreiber, Billy Lowery, Miranda Lange, Amy Moniot, Kathryn Baus, Bob Radl, Angela Lowery, David Wylie, Haley McDonough, Benjamin Gascoigne



  • A plan was approved to move NORVA’s budget from Excel to Google Docs to streamline editing and correct errors, should they occur
  • The NPCA requires chapters to make their budgets public, which NORVA has done by posting it online
  • A plan to change NORVA’s fiscal year from the calendar year to April 1st to March 31st was approved
  • The FY2012 budget totaled $3850, but $1955 was spent
  • Tom discussed the website and digital communication.  Ning costs $25/month and Constant Contact costs $15/month.  While Ning may not be ideal, it’s a good solution for the time being.
  • FY2013 projected income is $2500
  • Approved line item expenses are as follows
    • PCPP:                                                                    $2000
    • Website and digital communications:      $650 ($609 was spent last year)
    • Nomination Parties:                                        $500 (on target)
    • Page Grants:                                                      $500 (historically underspent)
    • NPCA Dues:                                                        $50
    • Miscellaneous:                                                  $150
  • Haley and Ben suggested additional social and learning activities for new members, and requested a $250 to $300 budget.  Suggested activities may include social hours and facilitated leadership events.  This issue was tabled.
  • FY2013 budget was approved
  • The quarterly meeting will be in May



  • NORVA has 67 paid (either due's paying or 1st year free) members, of which 45 are also NPCA members.
  • A FY2013 target of $1000 in dues revenue was suggested
  • David will write member feature each month to post on the website
  • New board members need to provide profiles for the website


Soups of the World

  • Soups of the World is a biennial fundraiser and third goal activity managed by NORVA
  • The event typically generates $3000 to $5000 in gross revenue, and the profit is amortized into NORVA’s budget in two year cycles.  Costs have varied widely over the past few events.
  • Tom, Billy, Bob and others reviewed past Soups of the World events. 
    • $35 was charged per person
    • The event was held somewhere in the suburbs
    • A silent auction and 50/50 raffle were held
    • Tables representing different Peace Corps countries were on display, with chachkis
    • ~10 crockpots of soup plus bread and desserts were served
    • There was no drinking and the lights were very bright
    • There are about 100 leftover bowls at Billy’s house
  • A date of November 8th or 15th 2013 was tentatively set
  • Kathryn will be heading the soups committee
  • Key action items are ordering more bowls (about 250), recruiting corporate sponsors, and starting the soups committee
  • The soups committee will meet on April 18th with a backup date of April 17th at Christie’s house


New Membership

  • Tom suggested sending a personal reach out email to all new members who register on our website.  This needs to include both recently returned volunteers as well as older volunteers.


NPVA Survey

  • This was completed as a group


Website Editing

  • Tom showed several board members how to edit the website, post content, and integrate with Facebook.
  • The list of website administrators was modified


Service Committee

  • A separate service committee meeting will be held.
  • Miranda is looking for service opportunities and will add them to the website


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