Northern Ohio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association

NORVA connects Northeast Ohio RPCV's with each other and our community.

2014 was a great year thanks to NORVA members helping out with 3rd goal opportunities! The above images are just a handful of the many and I am so grateful for your passion for Peace Corps. From marching in the Pride Parade to sharing information at the One World Festival to talking with students at a variety of local universities, these efforts helped land Ohio in the top 10 producing states for PCVs in 2014! If you want to get involved, there are several opportunities over the next few months. You could: 

- Help table at a career fair

- Be a guest speaker at an information session

- Schedule a speaking engagement at your alma mater or at a local school

Find local opportunities to participate here or contact me directly if you want to get involved! 



akhouri at peacecorps dot gov

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